Family Involvement & Support

How to Create a Parent Schoology Account

What is Schoology?  It is an online learning management system that allows teachers to administer online assignments; track and report student data and information; and deliver online instruction in a blended classroom environment.  This tool enables teachers to focus on student engagement that provides opportunities for communication and collaboration.  Teachers can also assign and collect student assignments electronically. With Schoology, our school can foster 21st Century Skills and Digital Citizenship.  Schoology is a safe and monitored teacher, administrator, student, and parent online environment. CRHS Guidance Counselors also use Schoology to post information to students concerning dates for special activities as well as important testing, scholarship and other deadlines and reminders to graduating Senior students. 

Connecting to your child’s Schoology account enables you as a parent to view your child’s progress in their classes.
Parents gain access to student information on Schoology through this process below:

  1. Contact one of your child's teachers to gain the access code to set up your account.  This code is the same for each of your child's classes.  All teacher emails are on the CRHS website under the Directory tab.
  2. Go to www.schoology.com
  3. Click the "Sign Up" button at the top right side of the page to sign up as a parent.
  4. Enter the access code provided by your child's teacher in the box provided.
  5. Create a new Schoology account by using your personal email as your username and creating a password.
  6. Click "Courses" at the top left of the page.  Then click "Join a Course".  Enter the access code given by your child's teacher.  Click "Join".

Once an account has been created, parents simply need to join a course to add another class to the Schoology Account.  Please contact your child's teachers if you have any questions about Schoology.